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Aryan Khan need psychiatrist

Aryan Khan need psychiatrist(Sharukh Khan son)

Aryan Khan need psychiatristAryan Khan need psychiatristShahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan spent almost a month in jail in a hurry to lead a luxurious life. So it is inherently broken.

Hence, thinking about the mental state of the child, Shah Rukh and Gauri will appoint a psychiatrist for him.

According to Indian media, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan got the boy medical checkup done.

They also conducted counseling sessions at the same time. After nearly three weeks in prison, this event is meant to help Arian get out of that trauma!
Arjan returned home after a long wait of 28 days.

He returned to Manna from Mumbai Arthur Road Jail on Saturday (30 October).
Arjan was released from jail that day at 11 am.

He reached Mannat at 11:20 am. At that time there was a huge crowd of fans outside Shahrukh’s house.
Somebody made a bet on the road. There was also a band party.

Fans also marched with banners bearing Aryan’s images. The worshipers of Shahrukh did not stop here. Many expressed their love for Aryan by scattering flower petals.

Additional police force was deployed to handle the crowd. Shah Rukh’s bodyguards made their way through the crowd of ordinary people and photographers and led Aryan to vote.

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However, even if he is released on bail, Aryan has to fulfill certain conditions as directed by the Mumbai High Court.

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