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Donald Trump app(social media app)

Former US President Donald Trump lost the election and went into exile. No such activity was seen after losing the election. However, in the meantime, he had once said on social media that he would return once again. And he has also announced the launch of a completely self-made social media app. Be aware that the name of that social network is true. Which will be built by Trump Media and Technology Group and a special purpose acquisition company. Truth Social Media will be created in a joint venture between the two organizations. A press release with full details of the incident has already been issued.


If the whole plan comes to fruition, it will be the first time a full-fledged right-wing social media platform has been launched. That he would campaign in full support of Trump. Now the question is how to earn money from these social networks? And second, what role will Trump play in the way Trump was suspended on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube?


What is Trump’s goal?

It has been possible to talk to a number of investors who have invested in the Trump Project. The main goal of Trump Media & Technology Group is to compete with all the tech giants in Silicon Valley. “The big media is the enemy of the common man,” Trump told reporters at a news conference during his presidency.


Trump Media and Technology Group has said it wants to create a technology that will be known as a non-volatile global community. Social media platforms will have streaming services, news departments, cloud providers. In other words, Trump’s company is preparing to compete with all the big companies including Google, Twitter, Disney +, CNN. According to Trump Media and Technology Group, the social media platform created will allow users to watch everything from news, entertainment, documentaries and sports shows. However, the company has not said anything about revenue or economy yet. The pre-ordering of the app has started in the Apple App Store. It seems that the company wants to spread the application in a very easy way.

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What problems could Trump’s new social media face?

Trump has not been completely removed from Twitter. Even not completely suspended from Facebook and YouTube. Trump will not be able to use these social media platforms until 2023. Currently, Twitter user @realdonaldtrump still has 6.7 million followers. He hasn’t been very active on social media since officially resigning in January. He did not appear to write like this on his blog. Not only this, Trump has also tried to make online public opinion. But Trump has not been very successful in this matter either.


Jason Miller, then Trump’s spokesman and senior adviser, launched a new social media platform in July this year. The App Store and Google Play Store together received about 2.2 million downloads worldwide. World famous application rating agency Sensor Tower gave this information. The name of that platform is Gator. High quality content is published in that application. There are streaming facilities, media and web hosting services. Trump’s organization Trump Media and Technology Group also wants to compete with that company.


Experts say that Trump’s company can become a problem for the web host. Because the logic behind it has been shown. According to him, a person named Rebecca Mercer had launched an app on behalf of the Republican Party. Whose name was Parlor. But the web hosting of the Amazon.com app was shut down in the wake of the January 8 attack in the US capital. Because of this the application is completely closed. Google has completely removed the Parlor app from its Appstore. However, the application was recovered much later with the help of a private cloud company in Los Angeles. However, even in this case, the sensor tower has revealed that its installation has been significantly reduced.


What types of statements will Trump Media and Technology Group completely ban?

They will not post any jokes about Trump and his followers on the platform. Many people associated with the app say that users can access the app only if they agree not to say anything bad, not to joke.

It also emerged that a video-on-demand service from the Satya app is being considered. After paying a certain amount of subscription, users will be able to watch the content of their choice. The initial version of this social media app is expected to be launched next month.

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