What does F4F mean on Instagram

What does F4F mean on Instagram

What does F4F mean on Instagram? Everyone using f4f now uses it to increase followers on their social media id. Examples – Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and various social media platforms.

Today we will learn through this post how to use Follow for Follows to increase social media followers. And I’ll talk about how it can be used.

Before I know this, I would like to say something about myself, my name is Shahid Afridi, I am a resident of West Bengal which is located in India. And I am an engineering student, completing my first year this year. And I post tech-related posts on afriditech.com as social media-related or blogging can also be banking-related.

So let’s not exaggerate in knowing how to use follow for follow or f4f and what is it?


how to use f4f very easily

You all know the F4f full form follow for follow. You can use this technique in two ways. Being number one you can increase your followers by just sending one message and on number two you can use this technique with hashtags.


Now we will know how both these techniques are used, so let’s look at the following two techniques, how to use this technique there?


Send SMS to follow

What does F4F mean on Instagram on various social media platforms including Instagram You can tell everyone via SMS that if he follows you then you will follow him too. This method is called follow for follow or f4f because it benefits both of you because you will increase one follower by following him and he will follow you and increase one of your followers.

You can increase your followers by using this method on any of your social media platforms. As I said earlier, you don’t need to work hard, all you have to do is send an SMS that if he follows you, you will follow him too.

Continue the f4f technique using hashtags

You can be on your social media platforms City Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. When you type a tag there, you simply add these two #f4f and #followforfollow.

Even if you don’t see these two tags added to every post, some of those impressions will follow you through the day. This will increase your followers.

Good Aspects of F4f

  1. With this, your social media followers will grow very fast.
  2.  Your posted photos and videos are more likely to get likes.
  3.  You do not need to work hard for this.
  4. You don’t have to pay for the free followers you get.

The bad side of f4f  Is

  1. This will increase your followers very fast but in a few days, it will be seen that most of these followers will unfollow you.
  2. This will not make much difference between your followers and your followers so your profile will not look very good.
  3. Many people like you use this technique and when they get followers they will follow you at that time but you will unfollow them immediately after following them which will decrease your followers and keep increasing your results.
  4. This technique used to work a lot but now this technique doesn’t work very well.


I hope you understand what does f4f mean on Instagram or what does f4f means on social media.

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