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Facebook new name is Meta

Facebook new name is ‘Meta’ which means ‘death’ in Hebrew

Mark Zuckerberg announced the renaming of Facebook Inc. to Meta. The official name of Facebook has been changed to ‘Meta’. CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement has received a good response. It’s true that laughter was born, but since the main social media name has remained, many have embraced the change. However, the Hebrew speakers of Israel cannot accept this.


According to a report by BBC Online, the Hebrew synonym for the dead is pronounced the same as ‘meta’. Specifically, the Hebrew word dead is pronounced in the feminine form. Many people have already said so on Twitter. Facebook Dead hashtag added with

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Israel’s voluntary emergency services organization Zaka has also tweeted about this. “Don’t worry, we’re watching.”Another Twitter user wrote, “Thank you for giving all Hebrew speakers a chance to smile.”However, after the brand name change, not only was Facebook ridiculed but there are more companies on the list.


Meaning of KFC Slogan

Fast food vendor KFC started its business in China in the eighties. His slogan ‘Finger like good’ was well received by the local people. In Mandarin, it means ‘eat your own finger.’However, the organization did not suffer much. KFC is now one of the largest fast-food chains in the country.


Rolls Royce had to change the name of its car

British luxury car maker Rolls-Royce changed the name of its ‘Silver Mist’ to ‘Mist’ in German. The car was later renamed ‘Silver Shadow’.When Nokia launched the Lumia brand in 2011, it did not respond as expected. Lumia is synonymous with prostitute in Spanish.


From there the Japanese car maker Honda can be called lucky. They wanted to name the new series of cars ‘Fitta’. The term is rendered obscene in many languages, including Swedish. However, as soon as the problem was identified, the name of the car was changed to Jazz in most countries.

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