How to Find UPI ID in Phonepe?

this article you know How to Find UPI ID in Phonepe? But first, you need to know what is phone pay UPI? A few months ago, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) introduced a new UPI-based payment system for mobile phones. It is called phone pay UPI.

Phone pay UPI is a new generation payment system that lets you transfer money(receive payment) to someone else by just typing in their name and IFSC code on your phone’s mobile wallet app. Your beneficiary doesn’t need to be registered with the app or have a bank account, they just need to know their bank’s IFSC code to receive money.

It’s easy and fast – you can send money in minutes via this platform and there are no fees involved as it bypasses the banking channel completely.


How to Find UPI ID in Phonepe?


Now you know How to Find UPI ID in Phonepe? It’s so easy to find your phone pay UPI ID, just follow my steps:


  1. Open the app on your smartphone


  1. Top left corner tap tap on your profile picture
  2. know you see their 2nd line >(@my UPI ID) click here
  3. know you see there your Bhim UPI id


Why do you Need a UPI ID in Phonepe?

Phonepe is an app with many features and services. One of which is UPI payment. In order to pay someone using the app, you will need a UPI ID.


Payments are one of the most important parts of any business just like Phonepe. That is why it has a whole module for payments within the app itself. It also allows for instant, secure and cashless transactions on the go. With its latest update, Phonepe has made it even easier by allowing users to create their own UPI ID in-app and start sending money with one click


How to create a phone pay UPI id?

Many people don’t know how to create a UPI ID? Do you know How to Create a UPI ID?& How to UPI id linked? If no don’t worry it’s easy just follow my simple steps:


  • open phone pay and tap > my money.
  •  There are available payments Catagory 1st Options bank account tap that.
  • know you see your bank account tap your Bank account
  • now scroll down you see + icon tap there
  •  Know to type your new UPI id6.tap Create
  • know to activate your unique id

How to Find UPI ID in Phonepe


Know you know how to create a phone pay UPI ID? & How to Find UPI ID in Phonepe?


  1. SBI simply save credit card


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