Google pay recharge failed but money debited

Realy google pay recharge failed but money debited? We use Google to transfer money. It can be our mobile recharge or we use the google pay app to pay our home electricity bill or pay someone.

But many times when we transfer money from Google Play, many people have this problem that money failed transaction but money is deducted from your bank account.

So today we will talk about what to do if someone has this kind of problem so that he can get all his money back in his bank.We will discuss this topic in this post.

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So let’s not exaggerate, our main topic is how to solve the problem of money transfer from Google Play that is not completed but money has been deducted. If you accidentally deducted money from Google Play, how do you get it back?

First of all, let me tell you that if you have this problem, then there is no need to take tension because if your money is deducted from your Google Pay without any reason, you will get that money back.

And if you can take the following steps to get that money back, then surely you will get that money back.

so let’s start

How to get your money back with Google Pay by chat

First of all, open the Google Pay app on your mobile

  • After opening the Google Pay app, you have to go to the Google page settings
  • You will see the option of Help and Feedback there
  • So you click on that Harpen Feedback
  • Many options will open in front of you and at the end, you will see that it will be written Click on Gate
  • Now you will have two options Chat and Email.
  • Next time I’ll tell you how to get your money back via email.
  • So without delaya

Google pay recharge failed but money debited

Now a chat box will appear in front of you where you can enter your problem. For example, since your money has been deducted, you can write here that my transaction is not completed, but you can ask for help here on how to deduct money from my bank account.

Once your complete check is written, you’ll see a send button in the top right. Click that button to send you a message.

After a while they will reply to you from google pay to customer office and they want to know everything and you let them know your problem and if you need to share your screenshot there and you will not stress after doing it google play you Give your money, they will send the check back to the bank account after some time.

Google pay recharge failed but money debited

Here you know how to get your money back through chat, now we will know how to get your money back via email from Google Pay?


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How do I get my money back via email from the Google Pay website or app?

google pay recharge failed but money debited. How can we resolve this issue by email and how can we get the money back to our bank account?

When we found out how to get a refund via chat, we noticed there was an option email next to the seat, you’ll have to go back again.

  1. now you have to send an email to Sylhet

And just like in chat you have to send a message to the Google support team here saying what is your problem, your money has been deducted and google support team will reply to you after receiving your message and they would like to know more and they confirm that your What’s the Time Really Bite?

It is true even today that you will reduce it in no time.

Important for you

You do not need to take any tension about your money, your money has been deducted from you by mistake because you have to return your money to your bank.

Hope you understand how to get your money back on Google Pay if Google Pay recharge failed but got debited.

If you think this post is informative or you need any help, please let us know in the comments.

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