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Arya has been released from jail

Aryan has been released from jail amid tight security

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan have already reached Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai. Shahrukh’s son Khan Aryan will return home today. Shahrukh Khan’s son was released on bail after a long gap of 28 days. Arjan is serving days in jail on drug charges. The bail box was opened at 5.30 am at Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai, where six to seven people, including one Aryan, had bail papers. Police have tightened security in the area adjoining Arthur Road.


Arjan was arrested on October 2 at a drug party. The OCN arrested him the next day after a lengthy 18-hour interrogation. On October 8, he was ordered to be taken into custody by the NCB by the city court after his bail was rejected in both the cases. Aryan Khan has been a prisoner on Arthur Road since then. After the Magistrate Court, the Mumbai Court of Sessions also rejected Aryan Khan’s bail application. Aryan’s lawyer Amit Desai has applied for bail in the Bombay High Court.


Former Attorney General of Bombay High Court Mukul Rohatgi answered the question on Aryan’s behalf, not Satish Manshind or Amit Desai. ASG Anil Singh answered the question on behalf of NCB. Both sides presented their side in Nitin Sambhar Single Court of Justice. However, even after getting bail, Aryan will have to fulfill more than one condition. Aria will be secured with a personal bond of Rs 1 lakh.


Aryan Khan cannot be associated with such work. You cannot contact any other respondent. Aryan Khan will have to present his passport in the special court as soon as the order is received. Aryan Khan cannot leave the country without the order of the NDPS Court. Shah Rukh and his son are expected to visit the OCN office in Mumbai every Friday from 11 am to 6 pm. M. I II P. Mister Aryan Khan has to follow all instructions. Disobedience can result in severe punishment.

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