how to edit bio in Facebook

how to edit bio in Facebook

how to edit bio in Facebook and how to make a stylish Facebook bio. Everyone who is an old Facebook user knows how to edit Facebook bio. But those who have just opened Facebook may not yet know how to edit the air on Facebook or how to create a Facebook bio.

In today’s article, I will tell you how to edit a Facebook bio and how to design it.

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Let’s start without exaggeration

how to edit bio in Facebook

I will try to explain to you very easily how to edit your Facebook bio, I will tell you to step by step, for that see my steps below. If you’re having trouble understanding, I’ll post a video from YouTube here. You can watch the video. I hope you get to know everything from there.


Set bio for FB full steps:

  1.  Open the Facebook app on your mobile
  2.   Now go to your profile
  3.  Below Add Your Story you will see your profile picture then there are three dots click here
  4.   Now you will see the profile first press there
  5.   Scroll down a bit to see where the bio is written
  6.   To the right of that air, you will see three dots or editing options
  7.   click there
  8.   If you have previously set any other winds you will see that cut here but if you have not previously set any winds you will see an empty box here.

Write whatever you want to air here. When it’s done, you’ll see it in the top right. save it there.

Now go to the bank and check your profile whether your Facebook bio is not set properly.

How to Create a Stylish Facebook Bio

I will try to explain to you step by step to create a stylish Facebook bio, so let’s look at the following steps.

  1.  Open Chrome browser or any browser on your smartphone
  2.   After opening the browser, search for Facebook Bio Generator
  3.   Now many websites will open in front of you.
  4.   First of all, open the website by clicking
  5.  Brother, here you will see a blank space to write. Write whatever you want to write in your Facebook bio
  6.   Now below you will see that your writing has been edited in different ways
  7.  Copy and paste the style of your choice here in the bio writing space on Facebook
  8.   save after pasting

Over All

I hope you have understood how to edit bio on Facebook. This can be done very easily. I have tried to explain simple step by step. If you still have any problems then you can definitely watch my youtube video.

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