how to find your contacts on the Facebook app

how to find your contacts on the Facebook app. Everyone uses different methods to recover imported contacts from their phones for different reasons.

It can also happen that when you check your loved one’s mobile and look for someone’s contact, he can delete it, but if you know this way how to recover it from Facebook even if you Delete it from your loved one’s phone, you can still remove it from Facebook. You can easily trace all his phone contacts.

So today we will see how to recover contacts from Facebook with the help of the Facebook app or with the help of Messenger.

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let’s get started

how to recover contacts from the Facebook app

how to find your contacts on the Facebook app? It is better that you use any browser from the mobile app. To recover your contacts, you must first open in Chrome or any browser.

And above you have to add a URL, the URL is mobile/Facebook/contacts/?tab=contacts

If you don’t understand then copy on this Facebook.commobile/Facebook/contacts/?tab=contacts URL, you can click here to log in to your id, also you have given yourself a picture that that picture Will get to see how to do.

After clicking on this URL, you will see all your contact list one by one, but the problem here is that

how to find your contacts on the Facebook app

Facebook will show you one contact at a time and not the whole contact for security.

So you have to see all the contacts one by one and if you want to recover all the contacts then it will take some time because after recovering some of your contacts for Facebook security you have to fill the captcha, again and again, Then you will see Contacts.

But the best part is that you can get all your contacts here. Then we will know how to recover contacts with the help of Facebook Messenger, so let’s go to the next party.


How do I recover a contact from the messenger app?

On the page I told you to go first, you will also see a thing written at the top. You will see “see contacts you’ve uploaded from Facebook“. You have to click on this place.

Now you will see the contacts that have been lost from you. But keep one thing in mind that you can see all the contacts here, all those contacts which are saved on your phone because you had messenger in your phone will be shown here. You will not find past contacts here.

how to find your contacts on the Facebook app

But nowadays everyone has Facebook and Facebook Messenger installed when everyone buys a phone which is the best thing that means you are getting all the contacts on your phone.


I hope you now understand how to find your contacts on the Facebook app. If you want to know more about such fun tips, then do let us know in the comments…

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