How to hide mutual friends on Facebook

how to hide mutual friends on Facebook, Its main purpose is to hide your friends so that your friends can’t see you and your friends by visiting your profile.

Let me tell you lightly that what is a Facebook manual friend actually a Facebook mutual friend i.e. you are A, your friend is B and its friend is C and C is your friend A, so from here it is understood that all three are friends. three.

Now if you go to profile B you will see his friend list option showing C as a mutual friend. Similarly, if you go to Shear’s profile, you’ll see a B. It’s called manual friend.

Let’s start without talking about how you can hide your mutual friend’s list on Facebook.


how to hide mutual friends on Facebook

Normally you cannot hide a mutual friend on Facebook, you can search on youtube and you will not find a video where anyone will tell you how to hide a mutual friend from Facebook.

But no worries, I have two solutions that you can use to hide your Facebook friends or mutual friends.

Let’s see what are the two solutions step by step?


hide hides your friend’s list

First, you open your Facebook app and log in to your Facebook account. Now you click on your Facebook profile which you will see on the left side, scroll down a bit you will see Facebook Settings click there.

How to hide mutual friends on Facebook

First of all, you will see the option of privacy, click there, it will be written a little below the three dots next to the page and see the privacy setting.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the text “Who will see your friends list?” Click there, now five endings will open in front of you, from here you will be able to control who will see your Facebook friends list and who will not. If you don’t want anyone to show your friends list, you’ll see an option at the end. Select this option “Only me”.

Now no one will be able to see your Facebook friends list.


how to hide mutual friend

Facebook users easily hide a mutual friend, you must first find your mutual friends. This is very easy to do. You open your Facebook profile. Open your friend’s lists, you will see that the text will be under your friends click on all friends there.

Now you have a list of all your Facebook friends and under each of your friend’s names, you will see how many mutual friends you have.

Click on the profile of the person from whose profile you want to hide your mutual friend. Now you open his friend list.

Select the Mutual Friends option. You will see three dots next to mutual friends, click there and finally, you will see that there will be an option to unfriend.

How to hide mutual friends on Facebook

In this way, mutual friends can be hidden. Maybe in the future, open Facebook, the new update may give us the option to hide unfriended friends, but currently, there is no such setting on Facebook.

I hope you have become clear on how to hide mutual friends on Facebook.

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