how to stop WhatsApp messages when internet is on

How to stop whatsapp messages when internet is on, It becomes very useful at the wrong time, so I think you should know what this technique is.

Maybe you are in an important meeting when someone in the third person is sending you a message on WhatsApp and then a message. If you knew this setting, you would do it before the meeting so that you can use your mobile internet but no one can bother you by texting on your WhatsApp.

Basically, this technique is used by many people so that no one can disturb them by sending messages on WhatsApp during important work.

I am talking about what is this technology you can use this technique in any messaging app. So you can do your work with heart and no one can disturb you.

So let’s start our topic that how to stop WhatsApp messages when internet is on.

Mobile internet will be on but no message will come to your WhatsApp

You will have the internet on your mobile but no SMS will come on your WhatsApp. To make this setting you have to go through a small step. Which is very easy you can do.

how to stop WhatsApp messages when internet is on

Whether you’re an Android user or an Apple user, you’ll need to open your phone’s settings to set this setting.

After going to phone settings you have to find where management is in your phone, after finding it you need to open it there you will see that there is an option also called at the list.

Now you will see that all the apps installed on your phone are shown here. Open the list of apps select WhatsApp.

You will see three options first open, second force stop, and third, uninstall. Out of these, you have to click on Force Stop.

After clicking Force Stop, you will again get two offseasons. The first one will be canceled. The second would be Force Stop. You have to click on Force Stop.

Your settings are complete. Now no one will be able to send messages on WhatsApp on your phone even if you have an internet wifi connection, so you can use mobile data on your phone.

What are its benefits?

When you are doing some important work, no one will be able to disturb you by sending messages on WhatsApp. Maybe you are watching a movie but someone is texting you but you can enjoy your favorite movie without any interruption because there is no message on your WhatsApp.

If someone sends you an SMS on WhatsApp, only one will show. Do not show blue tick. You will be invisible on WhatsApp.

This will make him think you are online.

In a word, you will not feel any problem after using it.

how to stop WhatsApp messages when internet is on

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What are its disadvantages?

Suppose you have this setting turned on but someone is messaging you for some important work but you will not get that message because you have this setting turned on.

You will not receive any notification from WhatsApp

What it will do in other messaging apps

Yes, you can use this trick in other messaging apps as well. And the other person you may have access to your internet will never know that you are online.

how to turn it off

Go to a page, open your WhatsApp and then send the message to whomever you want. The message will be sent and your Force Stop setting will be turned off automatically. Now after you set up the messages you send, all those messages will go to your WhatsApp.

I hope you have understood well the whole article that list of apps select WhatsApp

How to stop WhatsApp messages when internet is on.

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