hulk solo movie coming soon

Finally leaked Marvel Universal’s most powerful superhero Hulk’s solo film is coming. All the superheroes we’ve seen have a solo movie but the Hulk doesn’t have a solo movie. I mean the Hulk of the MCU here.

Because we’ve seen a solo movie called The Incredible Hulk before Hulk.

What we will see in hulk movie

We see the Hulk’s origins in the movie Hulk. I think somewhere he must have a connection to the Hulk with the Hulk movie. Because we saw the bruce banner (Hulk) in the movie Shang-Chi, we saw him in Human From.

┬áBut in India in May we saw that Hulk was in the form of a professional Hulk. And we saw that from there Hukal looked very weak. We all know the Hulk isn’t a weak superhero, he’s a strong superhero. Maybe in this movie we will see that old power full form of Hulk again World War Hill (Maybe). And in this movie we will learn about Hulk’s whole life history and maybe we will see Hulk’s girlfriend Betty Rose in this movie. For those who don’t know Betty Rose, know that Betty Rose is bruce banner girlfriend.

Who can be the super villain of this movie

Probably the villain Abomination of this Hulk movie. The probability of this happening is ten percent because we saw in the movie Shang-Chi that the Oblivion Wang was fighting together and there he was defeated. So maybe Marvels can introduce us to a new super villain in this new Hulk movie.

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