Meaning of TGIF on social media like Whatsapp Instagram

Meaning of TGIF on social media, As the popularity of social media, has grown, so have the abbreviations of many words. Some of these are abbreviations that I don’t understand myself. I came to know the full form of TGIF from a friend a few days back.

So I thought, let me tell you, maybe a lot of people don’t know.

Meaning of TGIF on social media

The full form of TGIF is Thank God It’s Friday on Social Media.
Meaning of TGIF on social media

some social media jargon

BFF: Best Friend
AMA: Ask Me Anything
F2F: Face to face
GG: Nice game
IKR: I know right?
ILY: I love you
JK: Just kidding
OMG: oh my god
ORLY: Oh really
TY: Thanks
DM: Direct Message
ss: screenshot
PM: Private Message
F4F: Follow to Follow
TY: Thanks
TQ: Thanks
TL DR: haven’t read for a long time

Social media Internet slang Most people use all the words in short form.


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