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Microsoft has launched its much awaited updated operating system Windows 11. Earlier this month, Windows 11 was launched for Windows 10 users. Microsoft’s newly updated version of Windows 11 will allow users to take advantage of advanced features with a new rounded corner design.

But since this operating system is new, its users are facing some problems in many cases. If anyone wants to go back to the old version of their Windows 10, but it can be done very easily.

After you can read:

Follow step by step(Back windows 10)

Step 1 – First you have to go to the start menu, then there you have to type settings and open the Settings app. Now on left side you can see list of setting section and on right side you can see setting for selection section. After that you have to select the Windows Update option at the bottom.


Step 2 – A list of settings will appear in the right panel. From there you have to select Advanced Options.


Step 3 – After that you have to open the additional options section and from there you have to select the recovery option.


Step 4 – Go back option can be seen in recovery option. It has clock and arrow symbols attached. Now you have to select the Go Back option.


If you can’t find the file you need after step 5, you will have to download the Windows 10 file manually and install it.


Step 6 – But if you find that file, Windows will issue a variety of warnings and requests. He will also be asked why users want to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10. After that you have to click on Next option.


Step 6 – Windows will suggest you to reinstall some apps. Then click on the Go Back to Windows 10 button and the process will begin.

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