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Rajnikanth Present health information from the hospital

Rajnikanth Present health information
Rajnikanth Present health information

Rajnikanth is given full Present health information from the hospital. Not from the team, this time the news came directly from the hospital. According to hospital sources, he is fine, he was admitted to the hospital on October 26.

He is undergoing first aid due to a temporary physical problem. Some tests are done today for a routine checkup. He is answering) Cure. He is alright. Soon in a few days. Rajnikanth will be discharged from the hospital at around 2.30 pm on Friday.

He has been hospitalized since Thursday. Fans have many questions about how South’s superstar is. How are you Rajnikanth now? Everyone is interested. And this is the reason why the media has gathered outside the hospital premises since Friday morning. Thousands of fans are posting and wishing him a speedy recovery. He was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai. Age 70 years.

Rajnikanth has won the hearts of everyone by receiving the Satya Dadasaheb Phalke Award (Dada Saheb Phalke). For his contribution to the world of entertainment (film industry). He was in Delhi to receive the National Award.

However, rumors are spreading on social media about his illness, which is causing concern among the fans. How is his favorite superstar? Rajnikanth’s team first revealed the news of his health on Friday morning. It is good that Rajnikanth’s fans don’t listen to any rumours. He has been admitted for a routine checkup.

Fans are now feeling very relieved after receiving this message from Rajnikanth’s team. Rajnikanth recently went to receive the National Award with his family. Currently, she is busy with her next picture. Ek Orphan to release on Diwali For the last twenty years, this person, who has been involved in various types of politics, will entertain the fans only by removing himself.

Everyone is very upset as soon as the news of that superstar being admitted in the hospital is received.

Nokia T20 tablet coming quickly in India

Nokia T20 tablet coming quickly
Nokia T20 tablet coming quickly

Nokia T20 tablet coming quickly to be introduced in India soon. Previously this month, the tablet was launched in various parts of the world however avoided India.

That wait is about to end. This tablet has actually currently been found on the listing of Flipkart. From there it is thought that the phone will be introduced in India soon. The Flipkart Big Diwali Sale will run from November 28 to November 3.

The listing exposes that this tablet might appear at that time! It has numerous intriguing functions consisting of 2K display screen, stereo speakers. Plus, this tablet has all-day battery life and a devoted Google Kids Space.


Does the Nokia T20 tablet have Kiki functions?

The Nokia T20 was found there in the tablet section. According to the listing, the tablet has been introduced with a 10.4-inch 2K screen.

The Nokia T20 tablet can be released any day between November 28 and November 3.


how much can the Nokia T20 tablet cost?

It is not yet known at what price the Nokia T20 tablet will be launched in India. Nevertheless, it is believed that the price at which this tablet has actually been launched in other parts of the world is going to be the same price in India. And if so,

then the Nokia T20 was introduced in Europe for a cost of EUR 199 or 17,200.This rate has been set only for the WiFi variation. At the same time, the Wi-Fi + 4G design of the phone has actually been launched in Europe for 239 euros i.e. Rs 20,600.


Nokia T20 All Specifications

In terms of software application, the Nokia T20 tablet will be powered by Android 11 os. The tablet features a 10.4-inch 2K display screen with a resolution of 2000X1200 pixels and a peak brightness of 400 nits.

You can Read:

When it comes to efficiency, this Nokia tablet is powered by an octa-core Unisoc T610 processor, coupled with 3GB and 4GB of RAM. The Nokia T20 tablet also comes with 32GB and 64GB of onboard storage. Likewise,

this tab has a devoted microSD card slot, which enables clients to expand the storage approximately 512GB.


Is the Nokia T20 tablet going to take its place once again?

In regards to cam setup too, this Nokia T20 tablet is going to be the best. There is a video camera on the front and back of the tab. The rear panel of the gadget houses an 8MP camera sensor at the back.

At the same time, the tablet has a 5MP front facing sensing unit for selfie and video calling. LED flash has been offered in the rear panel of this tablet. The tablet is loaded with an extremely powerful 8,200 mAh battery,

which is being used with a 15W suitable charger. Inside the box is a 10W charger. As soon as charged, the battery of this tablet can be backed up for an entire day.


jiophone next coming soon
jiophone next coming soon

JIOPHONE NEXT COMING SOON: Good news for all jio lovers before Diwali! Jio’s 4G smartphone will be launched in India soon.

The organization has given this information. Which smartphone is this? This phone has the same features as other smartphones.

Information about JioPhone Next

Reliance has released an ad film “Making of JioPhone Next” before Diwali. This phone made in India is going to be a new explosion.

You can read:

Best Upcoming Mobile Phones

Jio has created panic in the world of internet data, this time they are going to explode again by bringing new phones in the market.

The advertisement published by Jio reveals that their new phones are ‘Made in India’, ‘Made for India’ and ‘Made by Indians’ (Made in India, Made for India and Made by Indians).

This attractive Jio Phone Next is being brought to give equal access to digital technology to all Indians at a very low cost. Let’s take a look at what are the features of this phone.


When to release new JioPhone Next

Jio had earlier announced that they are going to bring an attractive low-cost 4G smartphone that can be used by all sections of people in India.

This time before Diwali, he launched an advertisement and announced that his new phone is going to be launched in the Indian market very soon.

The announcement was made by Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani at the 44th Annual General Meeting held in September.

He said that they are going to launch 4G Jio smartphone soon. Made in India This phone has a 13 megapixel camera and will have Android operating system.

Features new JioPhone Next phone

As per the video launched by Jio, the new phone will be powered by Pragati operating system, which is tied to the Android operating system.

The joint efforts of both Jio and Google have produced this new Progress operating system. The word Pragati means progress or improvement. According to Jio, their new phone has Qualcomm mobile processor.

It also has a smart and powerful camera. Where there are advanced features like photography mode, portrait mode and night mode.

This phone of Jio has Voice Assistant and Read Allow feature. Apart from this, there are many other features in this phone.

JIO for all Indian people’s

This new phone of Jio is being brought keeping in mind all Indians. For this, the price of this phone will also be kept under the control of the general public, the company said.

Jio aims to bring digital services to all Indians through this Made in India phone. Jio is going to launch this new 4G phone to take Digital India forward.

best smartphones are coming in Diwali Launched 2021

best smartphones are coming in Diwali
best smartphones are coming in Diwali

Best Upcoming Mobile Phones Launched in November 2021: Some of the best smartphones are coming in Diwali November 2021. Many people were waiting for these smartphones for a long time but finally it has been decided that these phones will be launched in India in November. The top launches are:

1. Asus 8z

2. Redmi Note 11 Series

3. Poco M4 and M4 Pro

4. OnePlus 9RT

5. IQOO 8 Legend

Know about the features of the phone below:


Asus 8z


It was finally confirmed that the Asus 8z full gaming device will launch in November.

Processor Snapdragon 888
Camera 64mp Dual Camera
Display 5.9 FSD+
Launch time  November end

Redmi note 11 series


And it has been confirmed that a new phone is coming to the Redmi Note XI series this November. Redmi Note XI series is probably the most famous series if it has been launched in China but will be launched in India in November.


1. Redmi Note 11

2.Redmi note 11pro

3. Redmi Note 11Pro+

Redmi Note 11 Redmi Note 11Pro Redmi Note 11Pro+
Processor D810 D920 D1200
Camera Triple and Quad Cameras Triple and Quad Cameras Triple and Quad Cameras
Display * 120Hz AMOLED 120Hz AMOLED
Battery 5000mh 5000mh 5000mh
Launch time October 28 October 28 October 28

Poco M4 and M4 Pro

Poco M4 and M4 Pro

And the next fish will launch mid-time to showcase a new model Poco M4 & M4 Pro.

Camera 50mp Quad Camera
Battery 5000mh
Date  Mid November

OnePlus 9RT

OnePlus 9RT

A new smartphone One+9rt will be launched in November, whose class has finally been confirmed.

Processor Snapdragon 888
Camera 50mp Triple Camera
Display *
Battery 4500mh
Launch time mid-November

IQOO 8 Legend

IQOO 8 Legend

IQ has launched many smartphones this year but this smartphone will top them.

Processor Snapdragon 888
Display 2K Display
Battery *
Launch time November end

TOPIC: Best Upcoming Mobile Phones Launched in Diwali 2021

Eternal movie release only 9 days left

Eternal film
Eternal film

Finally Marvel’s new movie Eternal will be released after 9 days on 5th November.  And the film will release in India on November 6, a day after Diwali.  The movie had an IMDB rating of 6.3 before its release.  For the first time ever, Marvel Universal fans are looking forward to this film, which will feature various powerful characters, along with Eternals and Celestia

budget of this movie

The budget of this film is 20 crores USD which is INR 14,99,10,70,000.00 Indian Rupees if it is converted to India Inr.

Eternal film
Eternal film

who acted in this movie

  1.    Fastos (Brian Tyre Henr
  2.     Ikaris (Richard Madden
  3. Cersei (Gemma Chan
  4. Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani
  5. Sprite (Lia McHugh
  6. Thena (Angelina Jolie
  7. Gilgamesh (Don Lee
  8. McCurry (Lauren Ridloff
  9.  Ajak (Salma Hayek
  10. Drug (Barry Keoghan

The runtime of this film is 2.5 hours. It is the second longest film of Marvel Universit.


1.hulk solo movie coming soon


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villain of this movie

KRO This super villain  first appeared in an American comic book published by Marvel.  This is because Marvel is the villain of the upcoming movie Eternal.

hulk solo movie coming soon

Hulk solo movie
Hulk solo movie

Finally leaked Marvel Universal’s most powerful superhero Hulk’s solo film is coming. All the superheroes we’ve seen have a solo movie but the Hulk doesn’t have a solo movie. I mean the Hulk of the MCU here.

Because we’ve seen a solo movie called The Incredible Hulk before Hulk.

What we will see in hulk movie

We see the Hulk’s origins in the movie Hulk. I think somewhere he must have a connection to the Hulk with the Hulk movie. Because we saw the bruce banner (Hulk) in the movie Shang-Chi, we saw him in Human From.

 But in India in May we saw that Hulk was in the form of a professional Hulk. And we saw that from there Hukal looked very weak. We all know the Hulk isn’t a weak superhero, he’s a strong superhero. Maybe in this movie we will see that old power full form of Hulk again World War Hill (Maybe). And in this movie we will learn about Hulk’s whole life history and maybe we will see Hulk’s girlfriend Betty Rose in this movie. For those who don’t know Betty Rose, know that Betty Rose is bruce banner girlfriend.

Who can be the super villain of this movie

Probably the villain Abomination of this Hulk movie. The probability of this happening is ten percent because we saw in the movie Shang-Chi that the Oblivion Wang was fighting together and there he was defeated. So maybe Marvels can introduce us to a new super villain in this new Hulk movie.

Power Digital Marketing: Tips and Tricks

Power Digital Marketing
Power Digital Marketing

Power Digital Marketing Digital marketing is a business. Where you can earn more by investing less money. If you know how to use it properly, you can earn a lot in a very short time. This benefits you in many ways, greater engagement with different companies and brands scale revenues and increase.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a new digital marketing tool that has found its way into almost every marketing services strategy used today. It’s evolving and increasing rapidly due to better internet accessibility and better software and devices. It has replaced traditional marketing techniques such as print and TV advertising and has taken over the outdoor advertising.


Why use digital marketing?

The digital era is a result of digital technology advancements. It is a time of massive data,power digital Marketing is a leading data driven. This makes everything possible. The world has always been on the move. New technology enables you to reach the highest levels of your performance in every sector.

The Digital age is no exception. It brings immense opportunities for digital marketers. The immense opportunities also bring their challenges. The process is a continuous challenge that takes a lot of preparation, patience and commitment. You need to be ready to face the challenges of modern technology.

You have to be prepared for all kinds of problems that come your way. The company that has the best-performing marketing firm will win the race. This is why you should always be well-informed about the latest technology and trends. Now tranding influencer marketing.


How to start power digital marketing?

For every business owner, there is one thing that matters the most when it comes to getting ahead: time. How to save money by saving more time. It is not easy, but there are a few things that you can do. Search Engines Search engines are one of the most prominent,

one-stop places that you can place your ad or pay for ads. If you are not using search engines, you are not really utilizing your marketing skills. You will have to choose which search engine and what to write. But the result is that you can revenue and increase profits your income from the ads you place there. Build a Facebook Community Facebook is an online social network that attracts over 2 billion users and over 1.9 million advertisers. That is a lot of people for a small business to reach.

Power Digital Marketing


Tips and tricks for successful digital marketing

Attract new customers and subscribers The sales cycle for any product or service is very long. This is the reason why companies make a dedicated time for campaigns to come and capture new prospects. During this period, your business needs a direct and one-to-one contact with the customer base.

There are many things you can do to influence these and also make them stay longer with you. There are various techniques that you can use for this purpose. The most common ones include sending emails, giving free products to keep a relationship, and optimizing the website to attract visitors.

Control the public opinion and feedback Keep in mind that the moment a product or service becomes popular, everyone is involved in social media. This creates a space where every little thing is recorded.


Digital marketing tips for beginners

1. Start with low spending and low investment As they say in most places around the world, ‘A bird in the hand is worth a bird in the bush’. This phrase can also apply to digital marketing agency and it’s really important to not have a lot of money or a lot of time.

Focus on using tools like Gmail, Adobe Spark or Facebook Ads[paid media] to create quality content[content marketing] that will appeal to your audience. Test these over time to find out what works best for you. 2. Discover the power of Stories It may sound obvious, but Instagram Stories, YouTube Videos and Snapchat are all forms of Stories that are increasingly popular.

A recent report suggested that 25% of all Instagram users and 34% of Snapchat users created stories in 2017. So get ahead of the curve and start using these platforms now. 3.



It’s amazing how many business owners don’t understand the true value of power Digital marketing. This can make a huge difference on their finances. They may also have a far better chance of success. Doing some research on the subject of power marketing is very helpful in developing your business.

The fact is, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re always going to face more competition. Whether you’re trying to sell anything or not. So, it’s essential that you understand the power Digital Marketing that your marketing has on your business. This will not only help you to succeed in your business but also to make more money from it.


Yoast SEO Premium Plugin latest version

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin latest version
Yoast SEO Premium Plugin latest version

Install Yoast SEO Premium Plugin latest version, as we use normal free Yoast SEO plugin, which has the advantage of doing limited blog post on page SEO. But Yoast SEO premium plugin has various benefits like blogpost easy way On page SEO can be done correctly and completely. You can also set multiple focus keywords in Yoast SEO Premium plugin. The XML sitemap is automatically created in the premium plugin.


In this article I will discuss your Yoast SEO premium plugin and show you how to install it. Also you all know that this seo plugin new blogger can easily buy so I will give you  Yoast SEO Premium plugin latest version official website link, other ways you can used GPL Pluging download in internet.

So let’s introduce today’s topic in detail



Yoast SEO Premium has become the best choice for a newbie in SEO. Yoast SEO Premium plugin is basically for beginners. Anyone can easily use it. You just need to register and create a username and password. How to Use Yoast SEO Premium Let’s learn how to use the Yoast SEO Premium plugin and how to create a WordPress site.

I’ll start by giving you the 10 step process of how to use Yoast SEO Premium to create a WordPress site. 1. Create a free account on Yoast SEO Premium Yoast SEO Premium has an easy to use interface. To get a free account just go to Yoast SEO Premium account page Once you go to the login page, enter your username and password. Login with username and password. 2. Click Create New Site The next step is to select the type of site you want to create.


Yoast SEO Premium Plugin

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO Plugin available. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin gives the best SEO results for a website. Yoast SEO SEO is among the most trusted and popular SEO Plugin in the market. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugin in the market. Yoast SEO Premium is a must have SEO Plugin in WordPress.

Just simply download it for free, and you will get best SEO Results within a month or so. It offers a complete solution to all your video SEO concerns with every plugin written for your specific needs. Yoast SEO Premium WordPress plugin offers a solution to SEO issues with every plugin written for your specific needs. The main purpose of this plugin is to provide a one stop solution for SEO issues on WordPress.


The Latest Version of Yoast SEO

The new version of yoast SEO has been published on the 21th of september 2021 and i will go through how to use the latest version of the plugin. The newest version of yoast SEO plugin is offering a bunch of great new features & fixes a bug. You can also check our list of best SEO plugins of 2017. You should get yoast SEO as one of the must have plugins for your WordPress site.

There are several ways to use the plugin and the most popular is via yosotech.com. Yoast SEO Tutorial One of the greatest features of the new version is that the new plugin has added a tutorial to walk you through the installation process. There is no complicated installation process of the plugin as you will find the installation process very easy.



How to Install and Configure Yoast SEO Premium Plugin?

There are multiple Yoast SEO free WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, Yoast SEO – Plugin – Free, Yoast SEO – Pro, and Yoast SEO Pro. However, few professional clients are asking for complete and total control over their websites. They don’t want to use the free plugins and end up paying a small fortune for an SEO.

Just as i was search results for a complete solution for this problem, i came across www.yoast.com, the very famous and popular SEO agency. As the SEO expert they provided me Yoast SEO Premium premium version. Just after a couple of days of installation and configuration, the plugin successfully installed on my website. I have been using it for last 4 years and it’s working extremely good. How to Use Yoast SEO Premium?


How to Setup Yoast SEO for WordPress?

There are couple of ways to setup yoast SEO for WordPress. 1) Install Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin 2) Click I agree 3) then Choose My Website or My Website created. If you just want to use the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin then go ahead and install the Yoast SEO Plugin. I will keep this article for those who are ready to setup Yoast SEO for WordPress.


How to configure the settings in Yoast?

how to make changes to various settings Best practices to configure Yoast Plugin What do you think about this article? Have you ever configured this plugin before? Did yoast to you productive when you installed it and setup? Let me know in the comment section below. I will be back to hear from you.


How to Install Latest Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Latest Version?

If you do not follow the installation guide below, your Yoast SEO Premium plugin may not work properly and your website may have a problem. So make sure to follow the guide below so that there are no errors.

  1. First download the zip file.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. After extracting the file you will see that there are two plugins, one is normal premium.
  4. Install with normal plugins first.
  5. Once the normal plugins are installed, install the Effects Premium plugin.
  6. Yoast seo give you licence keywhen you purches your pluging.



I am sure, you are aware of the existence of such keyword research tools. However, it was true that only basic researches were executed by such tools. As, high quality keyword research is beyond the abilities of most SEO experts.

So, they turned to the need of having the finest and the smartest tool for keyword research. So, they turned to the tools like Yoast SEO Premium and other free keyword research tools for this purpose. The usage of such tools is quite effective. However, the best and the smartest tool is the one which the user develops to satisfy his own needs.

The tool which the user uses has to be the one which he can get most benefit from and knows to work with. I will give you the best and smartest free keyword research tool and explain it through a short tutorial.


Facebook vs Linkedin ads

Facebook vs Linkedin ads
Facebook vs Linkedin ads

Facebook vs Linkedin ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads are completely different. In this article I will try to give you complete information about how these two ad networks work. And if you fail then your business is more likely to grow.

So let’s not get started talking about Facebook vs LinkedIn ads.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are ads, whether native, paid or display, that appear on Facebook. Your ads appear on pages that are “friends only” or “friends and family” only. Facebook has thousands of users across the world, and several million advertisers and people actually like to see your ads. Now that you know how you can get more Facebook users and people to Like or Share your ads, you will understand how to run your Facebook Ads campaign more effectively. Why Linkedin Ads? Since Linkedin is a global online network of professionals, there are a lot of benefits associated with Linkedin Ads. Since Linkedin is a global online network of professionals, there are a lot of benefits associated with Linkedin Ads.

What are LinkedIn Ads?

Social media networks are becoming increasingly popular, but for many businesses the jury is still out. Whether you are a social media consultant, a sales guru, a marketer, or just a marketer, there’s a growing and ever changing world of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin are a few of the most commonly used, but other social media platforms have also begun popping up. LinkedIn is the social media platform that many small businesses consider to be the most trustworthy, as it provides the safest environment for their business brand. How to Create LinkedIn Ads You can create a paid LinkedIn ad in a matter of minutes. You’ll be able to customize the ad’s message, keywords and company name, as well as any additional information you feel you should include.

How do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook has become an online marketing machine for B2B organizations, helping them increase leads and conversions at very low costs. Their massive and powerful platform makes it easy for B2B marketers to build long-lasting relationships with their prospects. In this post, I will compare Facebook ad campaigns with Linkedin ads. Which Ad Campaign is better? I will try to compare the features of both Facebook and Linkedin Ads campaign to help you find the one that suits your business the best. But first, I’ll share what each ad platform offers and how they compare in terms of usability, strategy, placement and more.

Why should you use Facebook Ads?

Facebook vs Linkedin ads, Advertising on Facebook is proven to generate the most sales for your business. This is because Facebook is not just a social networking site. It is a marketing platform, which is used by everyone in this world today. Businesses from any sector can find a strong pool of customers there.

How do LinkedIn ads work?

Facebook vs Linkedin ads, inAs Facebook ads are very attractive, you can customize them to fit the exact industry you are looking for. With LinkedIn ads, you can reach out to employees in your target companies. Which one to choose? Now that you know the key differences between these two networking giants, it’s now time to take a deeper look at how their ad strategies compare. Lets dive right in and learn how to create Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads that will bring in customers like a vending machine. How to Create Facebook Ads for B2B The first step is to learn the basic skills needed to create a Facebook ad. The process is quite simple and usually takes less than an hour, however, before you get started make sure that your page is approved by Facebook.

You can read

Why should you use LinkedIn ads?

LinkedIn has emerged as the best digital marketing tool for B2B companies because it is highly relevant and highly personalized. It presents one’s personal and professional accomplishments. The layout and branding reflects the way people use LinkedIn for business. One can develop a dynamic and visual page with photo galleries, related articles, and visual content and videos. LinkedIn provides a seamless mix of advertising services for more than 400 million users and offers competitive compensation for the people who advertise on its platform. Why should you use Facebook Ads? Facebook ads are personalized and therefore targeting is easy. Facebook users are fairly new to the platform, so Facebook algorithm usually can be efficient in terms of converting the users into leads.

Which network is better for marketing [Facebook vs Linkedin ads] ?

Facebook vs Linkedin ads, There are people who believe Facebook has the upper hand with their open environment for businesses to interact with the followers and users of the social network. However, the truth is quite the contrary. One study found that LinkedIn was the better option for B2B marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at the key areas of similarity and differences between LinkedIn and Facebook: Linkedin vs Facebook Audience-Linkedin is for business professionals who have profiles and associated company profiles. These people are generally B2B sales or marketing professionals that have specific products to sell and companies to influence. Facebook is the biggest social network with more than 1.4 billion active monthly users.


After spending a bit of time on the topic of Facebook vs Linkedin ads, I believe the main takeaway is this: First, you should establish what is important to your business before diving into an in-depth study. I’d suggest you start with a glance at B2B social media and some of the best sources of free and premium resources on the subject, then decide how you want to use it for your business. For the purposes of this article, I focused on Facebook and Linkedin ads for B2B, but think it’s worth noting that many of the best resources on social media for your business is not on Facebook or Linkedin but on LinkedIn. Over to You So have you considered the pros and cons of Facebook and LinkedIn as social media platforms for your B2B marketing campaigns? Please share your thoughts below.

Digital marketing whatsapp group


If you are new to digital marketing, then you must be looking for a WhatsApp group where digital marketing is discussed.

If you want, you can share your friends and your thoughts in that group and discuss everything about digital marketing in that group with the members of that group.

how to join the group

is displayed on the website that you can visit. Next to this, you will see the WhatsApp group join link, by clicking there your WhatsApp will automatically open and you can join those groups.


Whatsapp group joins the link

Join digital marketing WhatsApp group link, WhatsApp group invite link
Start-up Idea WP JOIN NOW
marketing online WP
Social Media WP JOIN NOW
Digital Business WP JOIN NOW
Affiliate Marketing WP JOIN NOW

How many types of groups are there?

Here are ten WhatsApp group links for you. Those who are in front of you and if you want, you can join these groups by clicking on the Join button.

Here are links to ten visitor groups. Here you can learn about online marketing as well as various online activities like affiliate marketing and YouTube.

You can join these groups to know RBC information and you must tell us in the comments how you like these groups and whether you have benefited from the groups.


What are the benefits of joining these groups?

After joining these groups, you can talk to the group members and group admins in that group and from there you can help and consult them for any problem you may have regarding retail marketing.

In these groups, you will get to see different attitude dramas at different places and you will understand by talking to them. And your thoughts will become clearer and your focus will become more clear about digital marketing so I create this  Digital marketing WhatsApp group top 2021/22 list.

you can read:

What to know in these groups

You can discuss various topics including applet marketing and digital marketing in these digital marketing groups.

But never share your personal information in these groups because you don’t know anyone in these groups, they can misuse those things, so you try to solve your problems from here. Do not share your personal information.

I have repeatedly said that you should not share anything about your family or your personal matters in these groups.

You will only try to find your problem and question-answer in these groups


I have given you here many WhatsApp group links. If you have started or will start digital marketing then these groups are very beneficial for you. Here are 10 Digital marketing WhatsApp group.

If you want, you can join these groups and you can also add your friends to these groups by sharing the WhatsApp group join link. And these groups will help your friends and you too to increase online earning.