PUBG Mobile new map NUSA

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular action game among gamers around the world. The company often keeps the enthusiasm of users through new updates. In September, the company is going to release the PUBG Mobile 2.2 update. There is a lot of discussion about the new NUSA map in this upcoming update. This new map will be the seventh battle royale classic mode map in the game after Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik and Karakin. The patch notes for the beta version have been released a few days back. Beta testers around the world have started testing the new map to find bugs or bugs. Let’s know what is special in this new map…….


What is special in the PUBG Mobile new map NUSA

The new NUSA map will make the battle royale experience even better. Its one square kilometer (1×1 km) area will have more fights than other maps. Each match will have a 32-player lobby. Gamers can select Solo, Duo or Squad mode.


Each match will last for 10 minutes and players will have the option to choose between TPP or FPP mode. However, if they select the TPP variant, then they can also switch between modes.

PUBG Mobile new map NUSA
PUBG Mobile new map NUSA

Features of PUBG Mobile new map NUSA

You will also get many new features in the new New NUSA map of PUBG Mobile


Like Livik Map, you will also get Ziplines facility in Nusa Map, the new 2.2 update of PUBG Mobile. This will allow users to glide over uneven terrain.


Auto Recall

Following the success of the recall mechanism in Spider-Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Ancient Secret: Arise modes, auto recall has also been added to the new map. PUBG Mobile players will get a recall after 15 seconds of death (as long as one of their companions is alive).


Big Beachball

Crafton and Tencent Games have also added a new beach to the NUSA map. Players can go to the beach and play with a large beachball that is there.


New Loot Crate

The new PUBG Mobile map will spread new Loot Crates across the map. These loot boxes will help players to get more supplies.

Many water sources will be present in the form of pools in the new map. For those who take a dip in the pool, their energy meter gets a boost.



The elevator can be seen in the apartments on NUSA Island. These will help players move up and down the apartment without using the stairs. Players can easily move to any floor of the building. It remains to be seen how players navigate the new map.

Note: Let us tell you that PUBG Mobile and BGMI are banned in India. In such a situation, downloading or playing these games should be avoided.

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