Understanding The Background Of SEO Difficulty For New Bloggers

What is the best SEO difficulty for Beginners?

Those who are new bloggers do not know what is SEO difficulty, Geo difficulty means when you write an article on your website, you choose a keyword for that article.

SEO difficulty refers to how much competition there is for keywords and how difficult it is to rank them.

SEO difficulty
keyword difficulty


Usually, everyone calls SEO difficulty as keyword difficulty, so never get confused between these two.

Remember that when you select a keyword, you will always see that there is less competition for that keyword, If you select the most competitive keywords in your keyword competition, it will be very difficult for you to rank.

Since you are a new blogger, you always have to choose less competitive keywords.

How do I find keyword SEO difficulty accurately for free?

I remember when I started new blogging, it seemed like the hardest thing for me. But no worries, I am with you. How You Can Check SEO Difficulty for Free and Do a Keyword Search

If you search for free keyword research tools on the internet, then you will find many keyword research tools and through which you can do keyword research.

SEO difficulty check
KEYWORD difficulty

Remember that when you search for keywords, you will always choose keywords with less competition, which will increase the chances of your article ranking quickly.

If you do not know any good free keyword research tool Bassio Difficulty Checker, then in the next paragraph we will know which are the free ones that you can use,

What is free SEO difficulty tool for all time?

The funniest time is when many people buy and use those things with money but you get it for free and you get the full benefit of it.

So let’s talk about some free keyword research tools.

1.semrush Keyword Research Tool- You can easily do keyword research using this tool. Remember you can use it up to a limit per day but no worries I will tell you about some more keyword research tools which you can use.

2. Ubersuggest – Keyword Research Tool This is known as a well-known keyword research tool,

With this, you can easily check the SEO difficulty.

UberSuggest allows you to research only three keywords in a day. If you have done three keyword research then you have to wait again until the next day.

3. Ahrefs  РLike previous tools, this tool lets you test SEO difficulties for free. This is my second favorite keyword research tool.

They are beginner bloggers you can easily understand which SEO difficulty is there.

4. Google trends– Very few people know that we can use Google to do keyword research. Here you will not show SEO difficulty but will show you the search volume of keywords and overall in the form of a graph.

Google trends
Google trends

You can find the search volume of any keyword using google trends

I use these four keyword research fairies and do my keyword research, if you are a new blogger, then you must try these four keyword research tools once.

What is paid difficulty in SEO?

Payment difficulty means that when you appear to be advertising a post then you will be facing the specified difficulty level.

Those keywords usually show competition in ads, so whenever you see the term PD during keyword research, remember that PD stands for paid difficulty.

What is the difference between SEO difficulty and keyword difficulty?

People, who are new in the world of blogging always think what is the difference between keyword difficulty and SEO difficulty? Listen, friends, there is no difference between these two things, these two things are the same thing.

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